Pete Bourne runs a series of Canoeing Courses and Events on behalf of Romsey Scout District. (click link for more details on print friendly letter)

  • Canoe/kayak taster day on Sat 25th April – for those who haven’t paddled before and for those who want to get in a bit of practice before the canoe season starts. 2015 Kayak Taster Day
  • Stage 2 (also covers Stage 1) – for Scouts and Explorers without any previous canoeing training. This is equivalent to the old Scout Paddle Sport Activity Badge, Paddlepower Passport and BCU 1 star. 2015 Psport Stage 2 (Passport) Badge Course
  • Stage 3 – for those who already have the old Scout Paddle Sport Activity Badge, or BCU Paddlepower Passport or BCU 1 star. This is equivalent to the old Explorer Paddle Sport Activity Badge, Paddlepower Discover and BCU 2 star 2015 Psport Stage 3 (Discover) Badge Course
  •  Details of 2 river trips in July  and a camp at Biblins in September will be sent out in due course.

Don’t forget you can also book taster sessions for you own unit and troop.

Paddlepower BCU requirements

If you would like me (Pete Bourne) to come along to one of your meetings to promote these events, please let me know when you would like me to come. I would need only 10-15 minutes including a chance for Scouts / Explorers to ask questions

We can also run evening or week-end sessions for your Unit at £55 per session providing 12 kayaks and kit. For extra boats add £5 per kayak subject to us being able to arrange transport


2007 Beginners Course
2007 Wye Expedition
2007 Approaching Rapids
Why not come and join us? We provide all the equipment you need thanks to generous funding by the Local Network Fund, The Ford Trust and Romsey District Scouts.We look forward to meeting you soon! Please get in touch first by email or via your scout group.